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uh oh!

it's lost.dog.graphics.

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Welcome to the graphics journal of short_girl Please read the following rules and the FAQ before going any further.

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Comment if you like my graphics and especially if you plan to take any. It only takes a second and it means the world to me.

Credit any graphics of mine you take.

.NO Editing and NO Hotlinking.
Just don't do it!

To learn more, check out teh_indy's Do's and Don't in the Icon Community.

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teh_indy, quebelly, ohpaintbrush, _joni, crumblingwalls, chouchoune, grrliz_icons, dearest, snarkybecky, colorfilter, screencaphaven

Check 'em out. I may also have brushes, textures, etc. from other people that, because I am an idiot, forgot where I got them from. If you see a brush that is yours or that you recognize from somewhere, just tell me, because I really want to give credit!

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italian_jewels, _samj_graphics, faire_la_nouba, pinkpaisley_art, clockwork_arts, melodramatical, sternchenland

If you want to be my affiliate, please read my FAQ post, and comment at that post!