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12 March 2006 @ 11:38 pm
I'm not. Here's some Brokeback Mountain goodness.

Sharing my former header and fo bannerCollapse )

Please comment and credit.
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28 December 2005 @ 03:03 am
preview: 1. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 5. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 13. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I love her...Collapse )
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I searched and searched for an awesome wallpaper featuring Sawyer and/or Kate, and was ultimately disappointed. So I made one of my own, very simple, and only 800x600, but I like. I'm sharing.Collapse )

And then I figured, why not share my former header? so there.Collapse )

As always, comment, and definitely credit if you take the header.
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13 November 2005 @ 07:14 pm
Long time no update. Well. Not that anyone even watches this journal. =\ Well, I've made some Speech icons. Ha! I won 6th in Dec this past weekend. Yes, yes, congratulate me. I don't think it is good enough though. :( Anyhoo, my team was making up ideas for Speech team taglines this week, so that is where these icons come from.

Previews: 2. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 5. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 8. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

more under hereCollapse )
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Hello all. School has started...which I think is evident by the fact that I haven't posted in awhile. Well, I have a batch of icons to share finally. I'm gearing up for the Lost premiere with these. You know what would be awesome? If you nominated me for that special category at lost_awards. :D Seriously. I need some love. Join this community too. Please. Love me!

PS...I love love love blue exclusion layers now, if you couldn't tell. :P
another PS...textless icons are not, I repeat, not bases! Don't edit them!

Preview: 1. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 8. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 12. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The girls are lost...Collapse )

Some people actually want to know what the icons say, I guess, but I think these are somewhat legible...
2. new girl 4. the baby mama 6. smooth criminal 8. little girl lost 10. sky is broken 11. temptations 12. desperado

As always, Comment, credit, enjoy.
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Hi! I'm here with some icons, and a new layout for this journal! The first two icons are based on the new layout in my personal journal. Also, I have my first affiliate, italian_jewels. :D


3. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 7. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

more under the cut!Collapse )

Remember to comment and credit if you take any!
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03 August 2005 @ 10:31 pm
I'm looking for affiliates that share some of my common interests. Anyone interested? :D

I tried out one of grrliz_icons' tutorials on a few of these. It is wonderful. <3

2. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 8. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

more in here!Collapse )

Please comment and credit if you snag any of these!
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icons and friends only banners. HBP SPOILERS!!!1 You have been warned...Collapse )

As always, COMMENT and CREDIT. <3
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09 July 2005 @ 08:16 pm
Welcome to Lost.Dog.Graphics, the graphics journal of short_girl


Q. Do I have to comment and credit when I take your icons?
Duh. You really do have to. Or I might get my lightsaber and go avada kedavra on your ass. Seriously. It's just basic courtesy. I work hard on my graphics, so you can leave a comment telling me what you are taking and then credit me in your keywords. If you don't know how, you still have to. Just ask, and I'll help. I cannot stress this more.

Q. Why did you create another damn journal?
I've noticed all of the popular people on eljay are actually interesting, so I'm trying that. Ha. Okay, but seriously, I enjoy making icons and playing with the Photoshop sometimes, and I'm getting better, so I figured I'd share. People can enjoy my graphics and I can make a name for myself on lj. Or at least, those are my delusions of grandeur.

Q. So, What fandoms do you/will you make graphics in?
I dabble in many fandoms, including (in no particular order):
LOST, Harry Potter, Queer as Folk, The X-Files, Brokeback Mountain, Grey's Anatomy, Walk the Line, Moulin Rouge, Lord of the Rings, etc, etc, etc.
I'll probably make icons for those fandoms. I might make other stuff too from time to time, really, it's whatever strikes my interest. Learn more about my ships here.

Q. What programs do you use?
Generally, I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0. I also occasionally use PSP 7, or Animation Shop.

Q. Do I have to join this community to use your graphics?
No, you don't have to, but please, feel free to.

Q. Should I credit your graphics as lostdographics or short_girl?
Either is perfectly fine with me!

Q. Can I edit your icons?
No. I work hard on my icons, even the textless ones not specifically labeled bases. If I do ever post just bases, you may edit those.

Q. Do you take requests?
At the moment, no. I'm a busy high school senior with a crapload of activities and a job. It's hard enough for me to work on my own personal projects. Hopefully in the future I will be able to fulfill requests.

Q. I saw a brush that is mine, but you haven't given me credit. WTF?!?
I'm soooo sorry. I started collecting brushes, and now I seriously can't find where I saved them. As I said in my info, I really do want to give credit. So if you see a brush or texture or anything else that is yours, please tell me, and I'll credit you in my userinfo, and send you a proverbial giftbasket for the trouble I have caused.

Q. Do you want to be my affiliate?
Do I ever. Please, just leave me a comment at this post. Stick this username in your info, and I'll do the same for you.

Q. May I nominate your icons at an awards community?
I would love if you did. I would seriously be honored. Just please inform me when and where you have nomminated me. :)

Q. Can I be your stalker?
Why, of course not. But I do appreciate feedback, and friending. Friend me here lostdographics, friend me there short_girl, friend me everywhere! I love it! And of course, feel free to ask any questions or leave comments or anything. Email me if you'd like, even.
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